MTC FELIX ARBA is the international PHOTO MEETING for female bikers in Croatia, which aims to meet and socialize with women bikers and all other motorcycle enthusiasts, promote motorcycle tourism in Croatia and tourism on the island of Rab, and promote Rab cultural, historical and natural sights. Precisely for this reason, this event received great support in terms of organization and logistics from the Tourist Board of the town of Rab, and partly also from the Tourist Board of Lopar.

459155bjDuring 2022. we organized several photo meetings for Croatian female bikers and gathered a total of around 120 female bikers from all over Croatia. The reactions of those women were so positive that we decided from 2023. change the format and adapt it to the demanding organization, but also expand its meaning.
The Moto Trip Croatia Association organizes this event in accordance with its goals and activities stated in the Statute: the promotion of Croatian cultural, historical and natural heritage and the promotion of motorcycle tourism in Croatia. As part of the event, several photo shoots and filming will take place on the island of Rab, with which the already mentioned motorcycle tourism and tourism on Rab will be promoted, as well as the natural beauty of Rab, as well as cultural and historical sights.
The first such photo shoot will take place on the square of St. Christopher in Rab on Saturday, May 27, 2023. and the walls of the old town of Rab will serve as the backdrop. After that, all the participants of this event, accompanied by tourist guides, go on a tour of the old city center, to visit the House of Rab cake, the Rab archers, etc. They will be accompanied by photographers all the time, and everything will be filmed with a drone.
DSC 0357Photo meeting is NOT a women's motorcycle meeting in the sense of meetings organized by motorcycle clubs. Photo meeting organized by Moto Trip Croatia has absolutely no ambitions to gather, manage or anything similar with women. Our interest is exclusively promotional, both for women, for tourism, for culture, and for natural beauty.
Every year, the last weekend in May MTC FELIX ARBA will be held on the island of Rab. Specifically, this year it will be held from May 26 to 28, 2023.
Although everything at MTC FELIX ARBA is subordinated and adapted to female motorcyclists, everyone can register for this event: men, women, club members, free riders, etc., even those who are not motorcyclists at all but want to come to Rab for the weekend and have fun , but only women motorcyclists participate in the official program!

DSC 0511We have introduced a registration fee in the amount of €15 for participants, with which we cover a part of the costs of everything we have prepared, which many times exceeds the amount of the registration fee. For €15, event participants receive:
- Guaranteed accommodation price of €16 per person
- Free tour of the old city center of the city of Rab with the professional guidance of licensed tourist guides, which includes a visit to the Rab Cake House, the Rab Crossbowmen, etc.
- 20% discounts in several Rab restaurants and pizzerias (everyone gets coupons for all restaurants and everyone can choose when and where to eat)
- Free entrance to the concert on the Rab waterfront on Saturday evening (entrance is paid for everyone else)
- Free panoramic boat excursion on Sunday (excursion duration about 1 hour)
- Free t-shirt with the event logo
A large parade around the entire island of Rab with a total length of about 60 km, which includes stops at 6 photo points where there will be photography and filming with a drone. All photo points are attractive places either because of natural beauty or some cultural sights. The photo points will be: 1. Mišnjak ferry port, 2. St. Peter's church in Supetarska Draga (one of the oldest churches on the Adriatic), in front of which the dedication of the engine and driver will take place (for those who want it), 3. the ferry port in Lopar, 4. Paradise beach in Lopar where the participants will be welcomed by representatives of TZ Lopar, 5. Zlatni zalaz viewpoint, 6. Veli mel beach in Kampor.

 DSC6065Of course, registration is not mandatory for visitors, but if they also register via online registration and pay a registration fee of €15, they are also entitled to a guaranteed accommodation price of €16 per person. If they stay on Rab from Friday to Sunday, as most everyone else will, they will already save on accommodation with this registration fee, because if they are looking for accommodation on their own, it will be difficult to find accommodation under €35 per night during that period, which is €70 for two nights per person. The preferential price with two nights + registration fee is €47, which is a saving of €23 per person only on accommodation. Visitors also receive coupons for a 20% discount on food in restaurants, so that savings increases to a much larger amount.
MTC FELIX ARBA will be attended by several professional and amateur photographers who will cover the entire event, from the first gathering on St. Kristofor during the whole parade and all the photo points, then during the tour of the old city center and also on the boat trip. That way, every part of this event will be covered and recorded with thousands of great photos.

defileThe main base will be the Forum pub in the old city center in the immediate vicinity of St. Kristofor where the gathering and the first photo shoot will take place. Already on Friday evening, everyone who comes can report there, and one of our members will register them and hand them gift packages prepared jointly by Moto Trip Croatia and the TZ of the city of Rab.
On Saturday 27.5.2023. from 1 p.m. on the square of St. Kristofor begins the official gathering and joint photo shoot. You can come to the square earlier, and you will be met there by our members of the association who will guide you how and where to park. With motorbikes, you will be able to enter the square directly, and after parking, go to the stand where you will report to the organizers and they will look for your name on the list, welcome you and give you a gift package from the Rab Tourist Board. The package will contain tourist materials, a surprise gift, food vouchers and a gift T-shirt with the logo of the MTC FELIX ARBA event.
On Saturday evening on Vela riva, a concert of the popular Split singer Jolet will be held, and all MTC FELIX ARBA participants will have free admission to that concert (admission to the concert is normally paid!). For those who prefer a different type of music, the Forum pub can have fun with the sounds of rock bands on Saturday, and we believe it will be a great party there.

Given that we are an association from the island of Rab, we wanted to include in the program some other surprises related to associations, motorcycle clubs and individuals from Rab. Well, let's say that during the fashion show at the entrance to Lopar, the entire column will be met by the guys from MK Rab, and as real hosts, they will lead the women through Lopar and participate with them in 2 photo booths in Lopar.

 DSC6080The big fashion parade around the island will be led by a young and special woman from the island of Rab, Nena Ničić, a motocross and acceleration race driver. As a local girl, she will have the honor of taking the other participants on a ride around her island.
Applications for MTC FELIX ARBA started on 1 January 2023. and last until May 15. You can make your online applications on these links below. It is necessary to fill out this entire form and have a confirmation of payment of the registration fee ready, which you will upload in the designated place. Be sure to pay attention to the part in which capacity you are coming, as a participant or visitor. Be sure to enter the size of the shirt so that we can prepare it just for you. (Visitors do not fill in the part related to T-shirts and excursion)

Application for MTC FELIX ARBA

 DSC8765 2After you send your application, someone will contact you very soon and book your accommodation in agreement with you. You will receive the accommodation address and contact number from the owner in case you have any problems finding the address, and you pay the accommodation directly to the landlords when you arrive.

As you can see, we put a lot of effort into making everyone who comes to Rab a pleasant stay. We want you to leave Rab full of positive impressions and to wish that a year passes as soon as possible until the new MTC FELIX ARBA, even bigger and even better.
Share this link with anyone you think might be interested. On our FB page there is a created FB event that you can also share or invite your friends to.
See you on Rab from May 26 to 28, 2023!